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If you or someone you love needs cardiac care, you need to know all of your options. For your own peace of mind, get a second opinion from Heart & Vascular Specialists. Seeking the advice of more than one expert can give you a more informed view of your heart situation and diagnosis, and is an important way for you and your family to ask questions and explore treatment options. 

Getting a second opinion in now way means that you have second thoughts about your doctor's abilities or that you doubt your diagnosis, it is simply a different path to choose greater peace of mind by considering various opinions, or confirming a diagnosis that you already have. 

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about your care now... and well into the future.

Scheduling an appointment
Your primary care physician may schedule your second opinion appointment, or you may schedule it yourself by calling 405-622-3603 or toll free 844-GO-HVSOK. Our office staff will help you get the correct records and insurance approval to schedule your appointment with a heart specialist appropriate for your condition.

Please have your medical records available at the time of appointment so that we can review your condition and make the best recommendation for your care. It may help to know that second opinions are covered by Medicare and most major insurance plans.